Monday, September 5, 2016

Trump video feed at Church shut down by Liberals!

Folks here we go again! Liberals are scared that the black people are starting to wake up and realize that they are still on the Democrat plantation. The Democrat plantation wants black people to be dependent on government. The Democrat plantation does not want you to know that the KKK was founded by Democrats and that Planned Parenthood was founded by an anti-black movement. Hillary Clinton herself praises the founder of Planned Parenthood. Blacking out Donald Trumps praised visit to a black church in Detroit is just another example of the fear Democrats have of black people one day realizing that they are on the Democrat plantation. No one can name one thing that Obama and Clinton have done for the black people. If so just leave your comment here. We will respond with facts and have a dialog. Good luck!

    Coming to you from the Anti-Plantation movement!



Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hillary Caught! AGAIN! FBI MUMS the word!

Hillary is at it still. She has been busted yet again for sending classified emails well after she was no longer the Secretary of State. Why would she need to answer any emails relating to State issues? Wouldn't that be John Kerry's job (although he is not good at it)? Read about her sending classified emails here from the NY Post.

Hillary Classified email Scandal Continues

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hillary FAKES Crowd and Flags!

OK folks here we go again. Hillary and a scandal. Who hasn't thought of this before? Hillary cant get a crowd to her venues so they green screen the crowd. Watch the whole video. You have to pay attention to exactly what the narrator talks about. Do not leave the video early. All the evidence stacks up. This is nothing short of incompetence at lying even. If your a patriot you have to repost this YouTube video everywhere.



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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Riots in a Neighborhood! Dead Thug!

Listen you have to read this. You wont believe this even if your half educated. The black people in Milwaukee believe that the white man should be paying them more. For what? You have to work to get paid. This is the mentality that the Democrats have bred into the poor black community. Blacks who do not think like this have broken the chains of WELFARE bondage and no longer owe the Democrats any homage. Welfare is the new slavery. This article is proof that welfare junkies only think with a mob mentality. GIMME GIMME GIMME.... That's it. Petulant little children. Folks there is nothing racist about this. Their own actions speak for themselves. When was the last time you heard of a white neighborhood burning itself down? Democrats revel in black misery. I can prove it. Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Newark, New York City and Atlanta are proof that Democrat policy towards blacks only enslave them and grants them permission to grow the welfare entitlement frame of mind. The same would be true if Democrats did it to whites. Its just human nature to glob on to things that are free and require no effort. Beggars always blame the man who has more. Black people will willingly vote Democrat knowing their people will remain on the plantation as the result of Democrat policies. The real shame is the manipulation by the Democrats on the black population. There has never been one Democrat policy that ever benefited a single black person ever. Democrat policies are designed to keep the black population dependent on them for support. Blacks are the only segment that vote 94% Democrat! There is an important dynamic in that number. DEPENDENCY! Black people should be treated with more respect than that. It starts with yourself. If you are a welfare junkie then its your responsibility to pick your own ass up by the bootstraps and fix yourself. Stop depending on others. You are your own keeper not the government.


1. Criminal that was killed was armed.
2. Police wore body cameras!
3. The dead criminal had a lengthy criminal history (Shocker).


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kizer Khan.. Con Man? You Decide!

Well folks, turns out the Kizer Khan (The Muslim who attacked Trump from the DNC Convention) runs a citizenship for sale business to the Muslims. Importing people from countries hostile to the United States is his bag of tea. Now you know why he is pissed off. He is trying to save his business by dragging his sons dead body through Hillary's campaign trail. What a shameful way to save your business. For someone who supposedly prays to a god (Lower case cause its not the Christian God). He wants to bash Trump but runs a scam for a business and is connected to the Clinton Foundation. <<--- Ooooohhhhh Imagine that. Connected to the Clinton foundation and shady. Seems like we have a match folks. Ignorant liberals will still vote for Clinton because she upholds their deeply held core beliefs and values.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Islam! Sex Slaves are OK!

Well folks you cant make this stuff up. A muslim cleric was excited during a sermon to let boys know that sex slaves are a good thing. In islam you are allowed to hold people captive and treat them ANY way you want in accordance with your sexual desires. We have a islamic scholar telling you it is so. Now you and I know that this is nothing new. We knew this all all along. This is clearly not permissible in Christianity. Obama wants to be bring in thousands more of these monkeys into the county. You must act to stop this now. We don't need pedophiles imported from Syria. Keep your rapists and pedophiles to yourself. Take a good look at this photo. This scumbag wants your wife and little girls to be used as a sex slave. How sick is that. I am sure this is exactly the opposite of what God wants. Jesus does not teach anything like this.

Read it here!

Craven, Nick. "Yes, Boys, You CAN Have Sex Slaves: Outrage as British Muslim Cleric at Mosque Where Cardiff Jihadis Were Radicalised Tells Teenagers That 'captives' Are Permissible under Islam in Vile Sermon ." Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 30 July 2016. Web. 31 July 2016.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

DNC Convention! NO U.S. Flags or Borrowed?

The Democrats at the Democratic National Convention has seemed to forget to buy something and then present it on stage. These people are so incompetent that cant even fake American Pride. They like Obama shun the American flag is if it were something to be ashamed of. Democrats are not to be trusted. Rhino republicans are equally shameful. Look at this picture. All the building tops have no flags because the Democrats ordered all flags on buildings be removed and sent to the DNC convention. Yes the same DNC that has an anti-Jewish view of the world. The same DNC that was going to question if Bernie was a Jew.

Here is the same location before the Democrats raped the city for their flags.

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Pfeiffer, A. (2016, July 28). U.S. Flags Disappear From Atop Philadelphia City Hall, City Official   Says They Were Added To DNC Stage. Retrieved July 28, 2016, from